Patio redo, Step 1


While my aunt and cousin were over for a visit and fabulous weekend, they helped me move old living room furniture out of my shed and onto my back patio… Don’t judge…it wasn’t a couch! Ha! It needed some work, though, to make it pop.
Here’s the before pic:

The during:

And after!

4 cans of spray paint and a picture finally hung from Tami, and now I love it! Step 2: Now, only if I can find the perfect pink stain for the deck, or glitter stain…


5 minutes…5 dollars


We have had a chest of drawers for as long as I can remember. It has held countless “treasures” for many years and I decided to clean it about 3 years ago. It had dinosaur stickers on it and white-out splattered on it. If you knew me as a child, stickers and teacher toys were my two vices… Anyway, it has taken me 3 years to finish the project. {well, three years and five minutes} so, here is the before…


And after!


And, I blogged this post from my new iPad! Fun!

Stair Dare…Continued


Well… I have had a great Spring Break! I spent a few days at my sister’s house and we went to Carlsbad Caverns! FUN! I forgot my national parks passport (something with which I am obsessed). I just stamped a little piece of paper and glued it down in the passport… still looks good! Here is a pic of me and the ole sis at the caverns…

  I also toured some old mansions in Fort Worth and went on cemetery scavenger hunts with the cuz, Nikki. That was total fun too! Here are some pics from that wonderful day!

Being rich would have suited me because I would want a mansion to be able to decorate all those rooms!!! I have had recurring dreams about my own house and discovering an extra room that I didn’t know anything about. It is always in the same place, off of the back bedroom but no door to enter the room is there. You somehow appear in the room…It is a very narrow sunroom type library… weird. I would never pick a library-I HATE to read! (Don’t tell my students. They think I love it. You have to say you love to read when you are a teacher… all these lies!) Anyway, I have someone coming to give me a quote on Wednesday to turn the carport into a bedroom! Hope it is in the range of “affordability.” I don’t even know if that is a word, but I am using it.

But, on to the main reason for this post… my stairs! Two days this Spring Break were devoted to the stair project! Remember the before pics?

First, I finished caulking and cutting carpet on the top stair, then scraping and caulking that bad boy. (reminded myself of my dad right then…”that bad boy”) Then, I went to Lowe’s to pick out paint colors and other supplies. The stairs are primed and ready for painting… check out them there paintin’ pants! Katherine took this pic, and she helped me so much on the last steps of the stairs… ha. She was glad that she didn’t help with the parts that Nikki, Karen, and Sue did! Ok, now the stairs were painted, and we snapped a shot of the next step…the little rugs…

I know we look rough… but we had been back-breaking-painting! The stairs needed to dry before I put the rugs down, so I went to bed after a shower and then woke up the next day to dry paint! I stapled down all the rugs and pads and had to measure each stair so they would be centered perfectly! It wasn’t bad and didn’t take me that long. Here is a picture of the next step: Walls. These walls have been like this for over two years. There used to be a border that stayed up for 1 day total, and I have ignored it in this state for too long. So, I decided to paint the walls a lighter brighter color because it is very dark already in the stairwell, so Katherine came over again and we painted the walls!

Looking up!

Looking Down!

By the way, I measured and cut that threshold piece all by myself…with wrapping paper and that handy jigsaw! I love that thing! Every girl should have one! Don’t ask about the wrapping paper… I am just creative and work with what I have!

This picture seems to show the colors better.  Now, I know they aren’t perfect, but they are much better than they were, and it is a cheery way to get upstairs! I really like the colors, and went with this “Little Sprout” for the stairs… I know! NOT pink! But the walls are!

I also painted the landing. Here is a before/after shot of the colors. Before it was dark purplish gray, and now pink perfection! 🙂 It really lightens up this part of the house, which has bad lighting and no windows, so it looks much better a lighter color. And they say pink is the new neutral. (right, Karen?)

Suggestion Time: What to do on these two walls… please comment with your suggestions!

I have already put the green tape in the shed, so it already looks better than when I took this picture! And, I am already thinking about my next home project… the office! The wall color is really buggin’ me… here is the piece I want to decorate around…

The current wall color, as you can see, is blah gray. Hate this gray. So, if you can think of a wall color that would spruce it up in here, let me know! I love comments and suggestions to get ideas! Such is the shabbychic life of a ditzy single girl!

Office Project: Amiss to Bliss


Had to blog my latest thoughts… I got home from a trip to my aunt’s and started doing laundry and cleaning the house, and for some reason, I was inspired to begin my OFFICE! I started cleaning, organizing, and had an epiphany regarding the room.  (For those of you that don’t know, my office is the size of a large closet, with a built-in desk.)

The theme: Shabby-Chic-Farmhouse-Garden (yes, I made this up)

The first idea that started it all: Move the rain/shine picture to the back wall of my office, and place a table under it with cute stuff. So, I did that. And it looks so cute back there, a little cuteness for that part of the office, and keeps some clutter off the built-in desk. And, I am just using a plastic folding table for now, with my old kitchen curtains over it. I also hung the same curtains in the window. Then, I put my new 50 cent find from the garage sale to hold pens and markers and such. On the table, I put a large galvanized tub that we used for drinks at Tami’s baby shower, and in that I put two baskets to hold pretty paper and stationary. There is also a pen holder that I want to spray paint because “black is not back” at my house, and a pink plastic basket made for organizing drawers. Oh, it is looking pretty cute back there.

Then, my printer started bugging me! This huge black thing taking up valuable desk space, so I went shopping in my shed. And lo and behold, I found the perfect thing… an Oak Farms Dairy milk crate!!! It is so cute! I placed it on its side and put the printer on top. Then I put two magazine files inside (which were from a shopping trip with Karen, and they are cardboard, which was great because they were a bit too tall, so I trimmed the tops off) and there is still room for more items in there. And then I found an old wooden box that is so farmhouse-y and for now, it is in front of the milk crate, but I think I will find the perfect spot once I get everything going. I just had to stop and blog because I am excited.

The other great thing that worked out: The three faucet planter thing from the window seat in my kitchen: CUTE! I am going to incorporate it into my office somehow. It is perfect with the rain/shine picture! And when I bought it, I wasn’t even thinking of that. I love when things happen like that.

And I am wanting to do a magnetic area of my office walls to hang travel magnets, and I am thinking of doing magnetic paint. Or does anyone know if chicken wire is magnetic? Because I had an idea while pondering the farmhouse part of my “design theme” (haha) to fashion some sort of frame with chicken wire stapled to the back, where I could paperclip cute things on there like a memo board, and then I wondered if it were magnetic? Thoughts? And if anyone has any chicken wire laying around, do you mind testing it out to see if it is magnetic? I know I am rambling, but I am getting excited about the room in my house that drives me the most crazy…the office.

So, gonna stop blogging and continue to clean the office… I am currently looking around the office while typing and wondering if the computer will fit in the dairy crate… hmm… such is the shabby chic life of a ditzy single girl!

Gettin’ Jiggy With It!


This post about my kitchen has been a long time coming! I have wanted a pink kitchen, probably since the Barbie days (which, admittedly, I stopped playing at age 12 but lied to all my friends that I had stopped playing a long time ago). Here is a little memory of my Barbie house! My favorite thing about Barbies was rearranging the home, and adding on (my mom helped me add a garage underneath, which isn’t on this picture, but man…it was cool). I laugh when I look at this picture, because there are clothes in the dryer, a pot on the stove,  dishes in the dish drainer, etc. I was living the life! Hey…it’s a dollhouse! And that’s my blog! How cute! Anyway… on to today’s kitchen.You know, my house might morph into this if I am not careful…

And so, here is a before picture of my kitchen, taken at Katherine’s 25th birthday party. My kitchen was okay, just kind of blah. The things I liked were the blinds and curtains that my mom made out of dish towels! I painted the walls tan, which I later painted to cream. And nothing is horrible…but it just lacked a certain personality and I was bored with it…

So I came up with a plan…to get jiggy with it!

I decided to use the jigsaw to cut out the middles of all my cabinets, and hang curtains behind them, and paint them pink! It was a gamble, and a lot of people had doubts, but I wanted to do it, so that is what I did. You can see a “during” photo on my last post. So, I dove right in, drilled holes in the cabinets for the jigsaw, and went a-cutting! I jiggied all the insides out, sanded, primed, painted, rehung, added curtain rods, made curtains, had my aunts over to help me with the knobs (same weekend as stair dare), bought a bunch of cute stuff on several shopping trips with my aunts, and here is the finished product.

These fabulous photos were taken on Valentine’s Day by my best friend, Katherine! She is amazing, not only as a friend, but as a photographer. She does miracles with the camera! She is very talented and very giving. I know I said in an older post that everyone should have a friend like her, and I want to be a friend  just like her!

And now, for a collage of some close-ups!

Well, if you care (and I assume you do because you have made it this far in the post), the Useful Conversions hanging up is from my mom, as well as the old orange cookbook. The clothespins in the towels above the sink are from my mom’s clothesline, and the rest of the things I have bought or have been given to me. The pink utensils in the buggy are from one of my students last year, and her mother works with me. (Thanks, Averi and Toni!)

And here are some more pics!On this collage, the straw canister was my mom’s, and she gave me the pitcher on my last birthday with her. I filled it with pink marshmallows! It was lucky I was doing this around Valentine’s Day and could find pink stuff! Also, my aunt gave me the LOVE magnet on the fridge for Valentine’s day, and the magnetic clock is from my cousin, Nikki. The knobs ended up being the most expensive part. You know, I was kind of proud of myself when it came to these knobs! I actually measured the maximum depth the knobs could be, and was prepared to go shopping. You see, my dishwasher door opens in front of cabinets, and the knobs couldn’t be too deep or the dishwasher would not open… I know, I was shocked too, that I thought of that!

And, for your amusement, a “behind the scenes” photo, testament to “What you can’t see won’t hurt you!”

There’s always lots of shabby in chic, especially when you are ditzy and single!  Thank you to all who listened to me talk non-stop about my kitchen, and to those who helped me shop and dream of pink! Such is the shabby chic life of a ditzy single girl!

Stair Dare


Long Lost Blog Friends,

I hate that I haven’t blogged since October. It shames me. Half the time I think I don’t have anything to blog about. The other half of the time I think that I have one blog idea, and it is really long, and I haven’t had my friend over to snap the photos. So I will place that long blog on hold and post a short blog.

I decided to redo my stairs, but this was quite a daring project, because I had not a clue as to what was under this carpet. The initial plan was to recarpet… which proved to be outrageous in price. So, I decided with my Aunt Karen to do them together by ourselves. And if it flopped, I would pay someone to carpet them. The old stairs were a gray carpet, stained and worn. Here is a before picture:

As you can see, we started pulling the carpet up and we paused to take a before pic. Notice the half purple walls… they have been like that for over 2 years. I had wallpaper border that I put up, and then the borders fell down, and it turned into one of those avoidance things. And for 2 and a half years, it has looked like that. SO…  things needed to be done! My aunts and cousin helped me rip it (okay, Diary of a Mad Black Woman moment… anybody remember the closet scene… RIP IT!) up. So then this is what we found!

Okay… Wow! 2x4s, not plywood. Nasty carpet pads with like a hundred staples on each one! We ripped that up, and then this next pic, where the stairs seemed to scream, “Show me what your workin’ with!”

Huge mess on the stairs (it is that overspray from texturing the walls). Huge gaps between each stair and on the sides. After getting a look at things and recording dictations on the list from Karen, I left for Lowe’s with Nikki, my cousin. What an experience there! We were both near tears by the end of the trip. One: Rude, sexist workers. Two: Creepy sander enthusiast. Three: HUGE splinter in my thumb from the quarter round. Four: We really didn’t know exactly what we were doing… And then we came home, mentally exhausted, and proceeded to prep (de-staple, crowbar the nail strip carpet things up, and sweep) and sand the stairs. What a MESS! Dust everywhere! I had to clean my house like 3 times. And the sander that the creepy enthusiast suggested was awful! And the sandpaper wouldn’t stick to the hook-n-loop and so I took it back the next week and got my money back. 🙂 Anyway, we washed down the steps and scraped them (which worked so much better than sanding) and then my aunt Karen glued all the quarter rounds down and caulked the gaps…and now it looks like this:

Next step: Finish caulking over spray foam and then prime and paint. You know, I hate that this wordpress never puts my entire post… it always leaves off a part at the end, and then I have to go back and rewrite what I wrote and edit and publish again. It frustrates me! So this last paragraph here is rewritten, so I don’t have the same enthusiastic spirit while typing. But, I will take a deep breath, and move on! And, so my plans are to prime and paint. I initially thought white on the risers with a coordinating stair tread rug color on the treads. And the risers could have stenciling or wall stickers or something neat. I am debating now to do a color on the whole thing and still do stencils or stickers. Because I have bought these stair tread rugs, and I don’t want too much going on that it looks bad. I would love comments with suggestions! I have probably heard suggestions from all of you already in person, because you are the only ones to read and comment. But, I love comments, so tell me again! Working on the dollhouse… such is the shabbychic life of me, a ditzy single girl!