Patio redo, Step 1


While my aunt and cousin were over for a visit and fabulous weekend, they helped me move old living room furniture out of my shed and onto my back patio… Don’t judge…it wasn’t a couch! Ha! It needed some work, though, to make it pop.
Here’s the before pic:

The during:

And after!

4 cans of spray paint and a picture finally hung from Tami, and now I love it! Step 2: Now, only if I can find the perfect pink stain for the deck, or glitter stain…


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  1. That is FABULOUS!! I love it when things are repurposed…that was a perfect addition to your deck and the color really did the trick! You are a genius with home decor….maybe be you should have a consulting business on the side! Love it, and love you!!!

  2. I love this sister. It looks great. It really adds some pop to your already beautiful patio. I have never heard of glitter stain, but that would be neat. What does the picture say?

    • And, there is no such thing as glitter stain. You have to make it yourself by adding a glitter substance thing to regular clear stain. Which do you think would look better? Pink is hard to visualize but so is shimmery stain… Hmmm… Possibilities.

  3. Sis, I just saw your comments. I think the glitter stain would be really neat. Maybe not too much glitter to where it looks like finger nail polish, but I think a little glitter would be really pretty!!

  4. BFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Please blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss your posts. They always make me smile…. or fall on the floor laughing until my sides literally ache! Seriously. We both need to blog again asap. Ok?

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